2006 Junior Handling by Emily at Elite Havanese Canadian Puppy and Dog Breeders

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Accomplishments www.bcjuniors.com

PHOTO's compliments of Linda Lindt & Martin Hershberg photography,

Many thanks to my coach and mentors: Lisa Wright, Heather Cloran, my Mom

  2005     1st

  2006     1st

BC Junior Handling Regional Finals


Ladies Jan. 28/06 1st

Feb. 19/06 1st

March 4/06 1st

April 19 Renaissance 1st

May 14/06 Tyee 1st

June 10/11, Comox 06 1st

June 10/11, Comox 06 1st

June 16/06 Nanaimo 1st

July 30 Mastiff Specialty 1st

Aug. 6th Cambell River 1st
(no photo, it is on Friends page, with 4 kids, we did a group shot)

Aug. 10 Courtenay 1st

Aug. 12 Victoria 1st

Sept. 10th, Oceanside 1st

Sept 24th, Mt Cheam 1st

Oct. 7 Fraser Valley 1st

Oct 13 & 14

    Port Alberni


April 2, 8, June 17, Aug. 11, 13th, 2nd places.


for the highest scoring Zone 11 Junior Handler in 2006




Conformation judging

For Conformation Shows.

(regular Show Handling)

see next page, 2006 Show Accomplishments

This is not the same as Junior handling. In Junior handling I am judged.

In Conformation , the dog is judges and gets points towards thier championship


To listen to the music while you view this site - Click here for song 3

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