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Our Havanese

Our Havanese Started with Misty   (our 1st Havanese)

(Great Grandma to Reo)

(1st generation).............. Misty has been spayed, and still likes to be the boss.


Misty had:

CeibaTree     & Champion Buca,  

(CeibaTree is Great Grandma to Reo) and has been spayed

(2nd Generation)


CeibaTree Bred to Small Haven Chester who now lives in Holland

& had - Champion Catreeya and her sister MistyCasasalida

PUPPY picture of Catreeya who is MOMMY of Reo)

(3rd Generation) Catreeya & ( MistyCasalida - who is Conchita's mom)


Ch. Catreeya Bred to Champion Smedtjarns Wictor and had Tux

Ch. Catreeya Bred to Champion Zorro and had ( REO ) my Dog ! ! !

Emily's Reo!


(4th Generation) Reo, Tux, Conchita



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