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Favorite Links

Bev Dorma and MistyTrails Havanese: www.elitehavanese.com show Havanese dogs and raise and sell Havanese puppies. (she's my mom)

As you saw on my "Other Interests" page, I like horses, too. Here's a link to Amie's web site where you can see her, and her horses: www.horseswithamie.com and you can find photos of me and my little brother, Kayden, on horseback at her place on her pictures page: www.horseswithamie.com/photos/pictures2.html

Amie lives at Maguire Farm where you can find just about every kind of farm animal. The web site for Maguire Farm is at: www.maguirefarm.com

For information on dogs in general - just about everything you want to know about any, and all, breeds of dogs see: www.dogbreedinfo.com

My web master has a friend, Bruce, that has a Golden Retreiver. He doesn't show the dog, though - the dog shows him... where it's safe to walk, etc. His dog is a seeing eye dog! You can read about Bruce and his dogs on my Working, Herding, and Sporting Dogs page.

Bruce's dogs have all come from Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. It costs many thousands of dollars (approximately $40,000) to raise and train a guide dog. This figure goes up to about $70,000 over the dog's lifetime. So, if you can, they'd really appreciate a donation. You can make a donation here: Guide Dogs Donations. Make sure you tell them that your donation is "in Memory of Arden". Canadian tax returns will accept donations made in US funds!

Another working dog that can be found on my Working, Herding, and Sporting Dogs page is a Border Collie. My web master has two at his ranch in the Cariboo - Meg and Bunch. Meg works already but Bunch is just a puppy. You can see photos of them on the Meadow Springs Ranch web site at: www.meadowsprings.com

For juniors that want to learn more about handling have a look at the American Kennel Club web site here: www.akc.org/kids_juniors/index.cfm?nav_area=kids_juniors

We have another dog besides our Hanavese dogs - she's a little bigger than them - she's an English Mastiff named Sassy. Sassy is expecting puppies in May, 2007. You can see Sassy at: www.elitehavanese.com/mastiff.html


To listen to the music while you view this site - Click here for song 4

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